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A human capital consulting firm that helps individuals and teams envision and reach their full potential.
Consulting Services include:

Executive, Leadership and Team Coaching
Team Alignment and Team Effectiveness
Organizational Development, Talent Management and Strategy
Customized Leadership Development Programs
Startup Advisory

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
– Henry David Thoreau –
Michèle Barnett Berg

I am committed to helping individuals and teams envision and reach their full potential using a pragmatic approach that drives reflection and meaningful action. I have over two decades of international human capital consulting experience including leadership and talent development, team building facilitation, executive coaching, change management, executive onboarding, organizational design, executive search, and talent assessment. I’ve worked with a wide range of organizations in size, startups to Fortune 100, and in industry both private and public sector as well as with academic and executive education institutions. As the Managing Director of Envisage Consulting, I’m committed to helping clients reach a positive outcome through a pragmatic and structured approach that drives insights and supports them to make changes, take action, and create a lasting impact. Learn more


To contemplate or conceive of as a possibility or a desired future state. To form a mental picture of something not yet existing or known.

Why the Nautilus Shell?

The nautilus shell represents growth, and its chambers build upon one another to continuously create its future state. This illustrates how I work with clients to envisage what they want to achieve and the state they want to reach, as it is a process that must build upon itself. Realizing your full potential both personally and professionally catalyzes growth and enables new experiences, insights, and tools that expand and build new capacities.

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